Body Condition Scoring

Scoring Chart

  1. 1. Emaciated
    Little muscle left
  2. 2. Very Thin
    No fat,
    bones visible
  3. 3. Thin
    Foreribs visible
  4. 4. Borderline
    Foreribs not visible. 12th
    & 13th ribs visible
  5. 5. Moderate
    Nether fat nor thin
  6. 6. Good
    smooth appearance
  7. 7. Very Good
    Smooth with fat over back and
    tail head
  8. 8. Fat
    Blocky. Bone over back not visible
  9. 9. Very Fat
    Tail buried and
    in fat


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Don't Let 'em Slip
Proper Cow Culling
Better Body Conditions can Raise Value of Cull Cows
Late Summer Supplementation with Protein for Thin Cows – 08/05/2013
Try to Avoid Body Condition Loss Now
Early Weaning Spring-Born Calves
Flushing Beef Cattle
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Body Condition Scoring of Beef Cows
Limit feeding concentrate diets to beef cows

Oregon State University
Influence of Cow BCS and Late Gestation Supplementation

Purdue University

Producers must Address Cold Stress in Herds

Body Condition Monitoring Important for Producers – 04/25/13
Body Condition Important into Spring
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Impact of Body Condition at Calving on Reproductive Productivity in Beef Cattle
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South Dakota State University

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Make BCS a Routine Practice

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Cow Condition at Calving can Impact Breeding – 04/04/2013
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Body Condition, Nutrition and Reproduction of Beef Cows

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